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520 Day Reverse Exchange Sign-Ups Part One: OFFERS!

Sign-ups are closed now. Thank you, everyone!

What is the 520 Day Reverse Exchange?

General info/rules/schedule post
Feel free to ask questions there if anything isn't clear.

How do I sign up?

You will find the sign-up form below (behind the cut on this post). Fill in something for each point, giving as much info as you like. All comments are screened.

Please read this post fully before you sign up. You will need to check back at this community next week to make your requests. This sign-up form is just the first step.

Sign-ups are open until 11:59pm UTC on Friday 5th April 2019. (What time is that for me?)

What happens next?

  1. On Saturday 6th April, mods post the info from the sign-up forms as anonymous participant ads on this comm.

  2. You choose 3 ads from the list and make a request for each. (We'll remove each ad from the list when we've received 3 requests for that offer.)

  3. Mods assign one of your requests to the relevant writer/artist/creator.

  4. You receive one request made for your offer. This is your assignment.

The sign-up form

Copy and paste the form from the text box into a comment, and fill out your sign-up. There are guidelines for each question below. Comments are screened.

Note: For any sections that don't apply to the media or canon you're offering, say "Not applicable."

AO3 name: You'll need an AO3 account to post your work. If you don't have an account yet, you can request one here, or comment on the General info/rules post to ask the mods for an invite.
Email address: Please provide an email address you check regularly!
Are you aged 18 or over? Please give an age statement.

Which part of Guardian fandom are you offering for? Options are Guardian novel, Guardian drama, a blend of novel and drama, and/or Guardian RPF. If a blend, please describe/explain.
What are you offering? Options are fanfic (fictional person fic), fanfic (real person fic), fanart (analogue or digital), icons, vids, podfic, meta, remix of an existing fanwork, fanart for an existing fanwork.
You can offer more than one media. If you do, you will still only receive one request.
If you offer a remix of an existing fanwork, please specify the possible media of the existing fanwork and the media you work in.
Remixes and fanart for existing fanworks will be given a choice of at least three fanworks to remix or make art for.
If you offer podfic, you’ll have a choice of at least two stories to record; please state your maximum word count.
Characters and relationships you're willing to create for: Be as detailed as you like. Remember, people can only request what you're offering, so if you're willing to include minor characters, do mention them! Use / for romantic and sexual relationships, and & for other relationships such as friendships, family, etc.
You can list different characters for different media.
Ratings you're willing to create for: Options are the standard AO3 ratings: General, Teen And Up, Mature, and/or Explicit.
Participants who are under 18 must request and offer works rated General or Teen And Up only.

Level of canon compliance you're willing to create for: For FPF, the options are:
  • canon-compliant works -- works that don't contradict canon, such as missing scenes, additional cases, backstory, or post-finale futurefic
  • canon divergence AU -- diverging at some point during the canon timeline
  • canon universe AU -- set in the canon world but with differences, such as a role reversal AU or everyone being Yashou
  • complete AU -- different setting/world
For RPF, the options are:
  • real world
  • real world AU -- for example, different occupations
  • complete AU -- different setting/world

What era of canon are you willing to create for? For FPF, the options are:
  • present-day canon era -- fanworks set during the contemporary parts of the drama or novel
  • historical canon setting -- fanworks set during the historical parts of the novel or drama
  • other backstory -- not included in canon
  • post-canon future
  • complete AU
Feel free to elaborate/specify.
The drama's ending: If you're offering for the drama, how do you feel about the ending? Do you love it? Are you okay with something that implies it's going to happen? Are you willing to fix it/avert it/create something set after the finale? Do you want to avoid it at all costs? Have you not seen it yet?

What you enjoy creating: Describe your likes here. These may include characterisation preferences, favourite tropes, plot elements, genres, themes, kinks, kinds of AUs; for art, the media you work in, your styles and themes; for icons, your style and whether you are willing to incorporate text (e.g., Chinese and/or English, up to 7 words/characters); for vids, style and music preferences; for podfic, preferences and the maximum word count you're willing to record; anything else you want your requester to know.

Remember, the more info you give, the more likely you are to be picked by someone who wants exactly what you like to create!

What you WON’T create: List your DNWs here. These may be themes, characterisations, kinks, plot elements, kinds of AUs, genres, styles, anything. If you don't want anything to do with a particular subplot, or you have a particular headcanon you're not willing to go against, this is the place to say.

All comments are screened. If there is a problem with your sign-up, for example if you've missed any important info, we will reply to your comment to sort it out (or email you, if you don't have a Dreamwidth account).

Go forth and sign up!

ETA: Currently signed up: [personal profile] 020104isme, [personal profile] abyss_valkyrie, [personal profile] altie, [personal profile] bluemeridian, [personal profile] bonibaru, [personal profile] chi_tsuu, [personal profile] china_shop, [personal profile] daroh, [personal profile] demitas, [personal profile] extrapenguin, [personal profile] galaxysoup, [personal profile] geckoholic, [personal profile] goss, [personal profile] green, [personal profile] kaminikaku, [personal profile] kat_lair, [personal profile] kitshunette, [personal profile] jo_lasalle, [personal profile] likealeafonthewind, [personal profile] lola, [personal profile] lynndyre, [personal profile] mabyn_winters, [personal profile] maggie33, [personal profile] mekare, [personal profile] naye, [personal profile] qwerty, [personal profile] ranalore, [personal profile] raven, [personal profile] rheasilvia, [personal profile] riventhorn, [personal profile] shirasade, [personal profile] starandrea, [personal profile] tanndell, [personal profile] teaotter, [personal profile] tinny, [personal profile] trobadora, [personal profile] yantantether, [personal profile] xparrot, [personal profile] zairaa