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Name:镇魂 | Guardian fandom noticeboard/community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A noticeboard/community for 镇魂 | Guardian fandom
Welcome! SID_Guardian is a noticeboard/community for fanworks of all kinds (such as fic, art, meta) as well as other Guardian-related posts, and for making Guardian recs.

Please link your Guardian-related posts here! Don't be shy, and please encourage other Guardian posters to do the same. You can also link to/rec things that have been posted by others.


  1. Link to your posts elsewhere, or post content directly to the comm. This is meant to be a centralized noticeboard/community for Guardian fandom on Dreamwidth.

  2. You can also make fic/art/vidfinder and recfinder posts.

  3. Posts must be directly relevant to Guardian, either the novel or the drama (or both), or its actors (including their other roles). (Off-topic posts will be deleted.)

  4. We encourage squee posts just as much as serious thought-out meta. Meta/discussions of writing, including cultural, language and translation issues, are very welcome so long as they're framed with reference to Guardian.

  5. Please use the subject line to mark an entry as, for example, a "New Story/Meta/Fanvid/etc" (delete as applicable), "Rec", "News" or "Ficfinder" post.

  6. Cut-tag long posts, or post them on your journal and link to them here.

  7. Please only link to publicly-available material.

  8. Help us stay organized by tagging your entries.

  9. Be respectful when you post and comment.

Thank you!
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